4 Great Benefits Of A Mobile App Appointment Booking Feature

4 Great Benefits Of A Mobile App Appointment Booking Feature

Mobile Apps are paving the way for many aspects in our daily lives, and for a large number of businesses, appointment-related operations that run smoothly an effectively are of the utmost importance, not only to customers but the business itself. 

As a professional mobile app development company, we help our clients define the features of their mobile App that will be most effective in there day to day operations and profit increase, and by far the most popular and effective feature is the in-app appointment booking service.   

The most common aspects of a good appointment booking app are: 

  1. Appointment booking and Confirmation. 
  1. Appointment reminders through push Notifications. 
  1. Payment. 

Below we have put 4 benefits of utilizing your Mobile App for appointment booking, and how it will empower your business with a lifetime of benefits. 

Saves time for clients and the business 

For both the customer and the business manual appointment booking can be tedious, whether the customer has to call and book in, or even visit the business In-person and ask for a specific time and appointment, and ends up consuming the time for all parties involved. 

Harnessing your Mobile App for appointment scheduling makes the whole process simple and automated, with a few simple buttons the customer books their appointment and you receive the booking to your system. Additionally, having the use of push notifications or SMS setup through your app allows for easy confirmation messages to the customer and even appointment reminders close the due date, also saving the time of staff who can better utilize there time on more productive tasks. 

Reduce your cancellations and no shows. 

This day and age bring with it busy and hectic lifestyles for everyone and being human we all tend to forget things. But for a business this can come at a financial cost as timeslots that were previously taken are now empty and could have been filled with other potential customers. 

This is where a mobile app can be extremely efficient, being able to have automated push notifications or SMS sent out to your customers a day before the appointment serves as a helpful reminder, as well as a form of protection for your business to allow you to free up the spot in the unfortunate event that a customer has to cancel. 

The Increase of Staff productivity  

The reality is each day brings with it a new set of unforeseen circumstances that inevitably take up staff time. Being able to have your staff easily manage appointments via automated bookings and email notifications, along with all the free time accumulated outside of the manual booking of appointments and conversations that come with them, will give your staff more time to focus on crucial tasks at hand. 

Gives you a competitive edge. 

Your customers are always looking for easier and simple ways to improve their lives. So, giving them the ease of booking appointments through your app is a sure way to increase customer satisfaction, and allows you to stand out from your competitors as the more innovative and forward-moving service. 

Recent surveys show that having a mobile or online booking system will increase the number of new clients, a major reason being that more than 34% of people book appointments after business hours, so even when your staff is a way you can offer customers the convenience to still book appointments easily, this will set you far apart from the competition. 


While there are so many fantastic features to harness through your mobile app, we hope that you have been able to see the value in an in-app booking system, along with the preceding points this feature will inevitably increase your earnings, with increased staff productivity, increased business due to less no show ratio and better resource utilization. Combined these will result in less expensive and more earning, so you can enjoy the best possible ROI. 

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