4 Ways Mobile Apps Enhance Customer Service

4 Ways Mobile Apps Enhance Customer Service

It is obvious that technology has been a major disruptor in the way we now do business and how customer service is delivered. From mobile and internet payment systems to automatic customer response systems, technology is shifting how customers receive information and interact with businesses, along with creating new expectations of the level of service delivered from the business they deal with. 

Mobile App development has gained enormous attention over the last few years and for good reason, they are allowing business owners both large and small to drastically step up their customer service efforts and receive and deliver information faster and more conveniently than ever before. 

Below we have listed for you 4 ways in which a Mobile App will change the way you serve customers forever: 

Stronger Engagement with Customers 

Recent stats show 90% of mobile usage time is spent on apps and we are seeing a shift in that a large majority of customers are preferring to use mobile apps in order to get answers to some questions related to a product or service. 

The App allows direct contact to you via features like live chat, contact forms, 1 touch call right to your businesses number, and so forth allowing your customers to reach you with ultimate ease this ability to engage with your company through an app it leads to a significant increase in repeat business. 

Additional features like fan walls and the ability to share with social media through your app allow for a great flow of feedback from your customers leading to more problems solved and deeper and meaningful relationships with them.  

Allowing customers to easily serve themselves.  

Encouraging customers to interact and engage with your company via mobile apps can free up you and your staff’s time to focus on other aspects of your business. Customers nowadays expect to be able to actively participate in companies they deal with and it’s important to make sure your organization’s mobile app gives them the opportunity to engage in the ways they expect. 

Ecommerce should allow for a seamless purchase experience for the majority of people that now prefer to purchase their goods through mobile apps. Service-based businesses like salons or medical services benefit greatly from in-app appointment booking, and restaurants that are at the top of their game are now incorporating food ordering as well as their loyalty programs directly from their apps. 

These crucial points of service are easily possible with a mobile application, so you should ensure you are utilizing your app to allow these self-services to keep your customers happy and coming back for more. 

Customer Perks Based on Location. 

You can further enrich your customer’s experience by incorporating geolocators into your app that would provide customized features based on the buyers’ current location. It serves to inform the customer about a discount or even a bonus to loyal customers when they are near the retail outlet.  

This feature works fantastically across all industries particularly with hotels and restaurants and forms a strong form of customer activity and long-term retention.  

As an example, a recent client of ours is utilising the feature in his café to great success, all local app users within the 1km radius of the CBD get daily automatic notifications on lunch specials and other daily deals. 

Providing some additional feature or service. 

Customers will be extremely satisfied if you can go out of your way to provide some additional service to them or solve an additional problem they may have. Your mobile app is a great place to exclusively offer just that to its users. 

Something like industry or purpose-specific calculators, In-app incentives, their loyalty cards in digital format, the list goes on, a mobile app leaves you with an abundance of ways to impress your customers and create a new level of satisfaction and in turn increase positive word of mouth. 


Strong customer service is the golden key to long-term success in any business, but especially to a new small business. With Mobile App available to act as 24/7 resources for your customers to have questions answered it will drastically improve their overall experience. 

If you are thinking of developing an app for your business, our professional App Developers are ready to cater to businesses big and small and answer any questions you may have. For a free quote contact us today!