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5 Advantages of Having a Mobile App for Your Business in 2021

A question many business owners and would be entrepreneurs ask is do I need a mobile app?, my business is not a big brand. Do I need a mobile app if I already have a website? How much time and money is mobile technology going to cost me?

Top Put in simply if your business in 2021 does not have a mobile app, it implies that you are missing a major opportunity to capitalize on not just the enormous and growing amount of smart phone users, but the repeat business that our phone and device habits have encouraged in us.

With 2021 sending us in to the height of the digital age, COVID 19 being a major enforcer, it is now most crucial than ever. Additionally, mobile apps improve the experience of the existing customer base. As a result, it will lead to your business profit.

Now is the time to Invest!

We have shared below 5 Advantages to jumping aboard the App train in 2021:

Accessibility for your Customers.

Nowadays great customer service isn’t just about the face to face interaction between your customers and yourself, and staff. There are over 2.7 billion people who utilise smartphones in all areas of their daily life, now making Mobile Apps the major game changer for all industries.

Mobile Apps are not human beings, there are no mood swings and bad performance, and with a robust mobile existence, you will always be aware of the fact that you’re demonstrating and giving users the best way to interact with your business and meet there needs of quick and easy accessibility to you.

Most businesses see mobile apps as a means of improving customer service. You are not only always available for your customers, but accessible to them in the form they are most comfortable with, their mobile apps.

Whether it be booking appointments, ordering food, buying your product, tracking their loyalty programs with you, customers don’t want the hassle of having to open there web browser, type In your web address, so on so forth, they want easy access straight from there devices home page with a tap of their finger, and that’s what your mobile app allows them.

Apps provide the best user experience.

Mobile apps provide probably the best of user experiences, yes mobile websites important, mobile applications, however, provide a better user experience by making users perform better in app related tasks using gestures and providing specific features.

Mobile apps can also load content far more quickly and are more navigable than a mobile website. Not to mention once a user installs a company’s mobile app, client retention becomes even smoother. It is the ideal way to better connect with your customers for all your services and new offers.

Best marketing and engagement tool to develop business.

Having a mobile app for your business will give you exposure to the best product/service marketing. Companies can communicate more powerfully and effectively with the use of the mobile application.

They can increase the business leads along with customer awareness by sending promotions, push notifications, SMS, and updates to customers via the mobile app. It is a win win situation for the business and your customers

Companies can also send across their promotional activities and customers then get access to it in a single tap. It is very convenient for the customers to know the company’s whereabouts and updates through the mobile app, at their fingertips at all times.

Providing the ultimate competitive edge

With Covid propelling the digital ages and the time spent on devices, there is no better way to gain an edge over your competitors that with a mobile app.

Customers are now more than ever before prioritising the businesses they deal with, by the ease of accessibility into there daily lives and habits, mobile apps being the big contributing factor.

A source of valuable customer info & analytics

By utilizing a mobile app, you can collect a lot of useful information for further analysis. As soon as a customer begins using your app, you have their information at hand, whether it be name address and phone number, or whatever details your app requires for its use. Allowing you to easily use that data in the future for remarketing or specific targeting purposes.

Additionally, you can learn which products or services your customers buy and use the most. Along with, how much time they spend on the app. Or even, which functions are the most used and which are the least popular?

Summing up

Mobile apps for business can provide phenomenal benefits to almost any company. We hope the handful of points in this article will motivated to seize the opportunity of building your very own mobile app.

Its important to remember any product or business tool like a mobile app must solve specific problems and contribute to the company’s development. With this in mind, it is necessary to plan the work and compile a list of the best specific features applicable to your business.

The team at Calibre Digital is here to help you on your way. We will design, build, and even publish your app, and help you utilise the best features to solve the most important needs for your customers.

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