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How and Why to Hire a Professional for Mobile App Development

Globally the revenue in mobile app development has doubled in the last five years, so it is only natural that this growth environment attracts a broad array of people looking to develop apps for businesses and consumers. Hiring talented app developers is one of the most significant challenges tech start-ups are dealing with. In addition, […]
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Mobile Apps

Why Mobile Apps Drive More Sales than Mobile Websites

It isn’t news to anybody that businesses nowadays need to establish a mobile presence. 2020 brings with it nearly 5 billion mobile users. Mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. In the fourth quarter of 2019, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 53 percent of global website traffic. A mobile website is a website optimized and scaled for mobile devices. With […]
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The Benefits of Custom Mobile App & Website Food Ordering

Today, online food ordering systems are proving more popular and beneficial than ever before. Most diners, in particular, millennials prefer technology over traditional methods to access restaurant services.  Online reservations, online take out, and online pick up are favoured over picking up the phone. Also, it is becoming extremely important to meet there needs in […]
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