How Mobile Apps are Increasing Business for Gyms and Trainers

How Mobile Apps are Increasing Business for Gyms and Trainers

With mobile apps now penetrating so many industries, the fitness industry is no exception. If you are a gym owner or even a personal trainer, and you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need a mobile app

There is no gym or fitness professional to big or small that could not benefit right now from there very own app. Whether a weightlifting gym, yoga gym, martial arts dojo, cross Fit box, swimming, tennis, you name it, an App will allow you to increase business and keep your clients happy. 

Stats now show that roughly 60% of smartphone users have downloaded a fitness-related app, and if you reading this you may be considering developing your own app, or maybe already in the process of doing so. 

We explain here the ways a Mobile App will make your business more money: 

Tracking Progress and Keeping Members Motivated 

People Join a gym overall to better themselves, whether it be to lose weight, be healthy, or even learn new skills it all tracks back to the latter point. Your job as a business owner or coach is to create a level of enthusiasm and motivation that keeps those members coming back and telling all their friends about your service.

 A Mobile App that tracks their progress and has features that keep clients motivated is essential. 

Whether the features of your mobile app are tracking workout schedules, calories, steps, or other metrics, they are all visually showing your clients how well they are progressing, and that type of feedback is the ultimate way to support them as a long term member. 

Researching some of your competitors’ apps or the big names in the gym and fitness industry is a great way to get some ideas on strong features that will do just that.  

No matter the member’s fitness level, the app helps keep them accountable and motivated, and drives your client retention, as well as them being directly engaged with your business on a personal level. 

Communicate Easily and Seamlessly with Customers. 

Recent research shows the average person now spends a whopping 3 hours a day on mobile apps

While some may say this is a bad habit, it is most certainly one you can use as a fantastic opportunity to get in front of your customers and improve communication. 

Conduct well organised communication with members, and connect with them anytime, anywhere. 

Whether your alerting of a class update or the schedule has changed, you can let them know immediately. Provide users with all the information they need from price lists to class schedules. 

Giving them the ability to contact your staff via live chat, one-touch call buttons, In-app contact forms, make’s life incredibly easier for your members keeping them happy and freeing up your staff in house face to face client time. 

 Combined with targeted push notifications, and you can upsell directly to clients. You can also create a more personalized experience for members through your mobile app. 

Booking Appointments and classes 

The ease for clients to be able to book in their classes and appointments straight through your app will change your business drastically. Offering members convenience and flexibility is key to adding value and creating the kind of experience that will retain members and lower the no show rate. 

Allowing users to also look at and clearly plan their classes or book appointments with trainers should be without confusion. The fewer clicks they have to make them better, and easily allowing them to confirm the payment will leave them less likely to drop out. 

With your very own branded mobile app, members won’t need to call, email, or text you to book into a class or renew their membership, making it much more efficient for both you and your clients. You and your staff do not need to spend all day answering calls as simple tasks can be done quickly from a smartphone.   

Adding Additional Valuable Features 

When developing a mobile app for your business, it is important and valuable to provide your members with additional features and information that they can use to solve problems or enhance their training.  

Creating these sorts of extra features and services will not require a large financial investment but will provide a unique and appreciated way for your members to interact with your business. 

Some examples of extra features and content you can add to your app are: 

  • Nutrition tips and plans 
  • Workout and exercise guides and videos 
  • Blogs
  • Social Media updates and the ability to share from the app 

Providing these extra gems for your customers and allowing them to access them easily on their phone through your app will keep them highly engaged with your business as well as motivated. 


These are only a few ways that a mobile app will drastically change the way you do business in the fitness industry. Creating and providing all this valuable content and personalising your member’s experience through a mobile app is the way forward.

If you are interested in building your own app and would like a free consultation or quote our team has successfully built hundreds of apps for our clients, and can design built, and publish what will be the most valuable tool in your business. Contact us today!