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The Top Mobile App Trends For 2021

With 2021 drawing ever so closer, mobile app demand is at its peak and by the looks of things will only continue to increase.  Mobile apps are influencing so many aspects of our lives, in particular how consumers are now engaging with businesses, the usefulness of all types of mobile apps increased a great deal during the pandemic of COVID -19. The rise in demand for mobile apps also gave way to innovation.

As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention, so if you already have a mobile app or planning to build one, we wanted to share some of the upcoming trends we’re most looking forward to.

Voice Typing

Manual typing and even autofill are a given with any of today’s apps, but just on the horizon Voice typing will likely become the new norm.  The benefits are essentially time and ease for the users, studies have shown that users will type 30-40 words a minute on a mobile device, whereas a person speaking can easily accumulate 110-130 words.

Allowing Voice typing technology through apps, you can give the users the privilege to state the queries or searchers via the app just by speaking, which be particularly helpful for e-commerce style apps, or even food ordering and restaurant apps.

Also, on chatting apps such as WhatsApp, etc, sending voice notes and memos has become increasingly popular over time. Therefore, voice typing is something that we will see trending in times to come.

Intelligent chatbots & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, we have seen a transformation in almost every industrial or commercial segment. Infused with voice recognition and face identification capabilities, this technology enables apps to identify & predict user behavior, implement high-end security features, and identify objects that are scanned with the camera.

Additionally, the meshing of chatbots in applications is also improving their capabilities. They empower service providers to interact in real-time with customers without human-to-human interaction, enabling users to experience exceptional customer service and SPs to leverage the user-centric data gathered from chatbots.

5G Connectivity

4G connectivity shifted us towards higher speeds and a better user experience, however with consumers constantly demanding ever-increasing speeds, and an even more seamless and buffer-free experience when using their apps, we will see new apps being developed with the 5G capability.

We are expecting 5G to be roughly 20 times faster than the current 4G, the new phone apps are going to be developed with compatibility that gives an active experience to the users. The app development is going to be done to serve ultra-fast speed, movability, and functionality to ensure mobile apps are more interactive.

Mobile Wallets and Payments

Apple Pay and google pay are quickly becoming the norm, these mobile wallets have soon become mobile user’s favourites since their introduction, many ecommerce sites are now even offering payment options through mobile wallets.

Many consumers are also going digital with there loyalty cards, whether it be with cafes, restaurants, or retailers, and it is something that will continue to trend even more so into 2021.  Mobile wallets are offering users not only more convenience, but faster processing speeds as well as more security than traditional methods.

Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication is a security process that relies on the unique biological characteristics of an individual to verify that he is who is says he is. A clear example of biometric authentication would be something like fingerprint scanning.

With almost all smartphones now offering the capabilities of fingerprint scanning, and even face recognition, it is something we will be seeing implemented into new and existing apps. This will allow a state-of-the-art authentication and security for login and other areas of our mobile apps.

Wrap up

With technology evolving at an extraordinary pace, the above are just a scratch on the surface of what we have to look forward to with mobile app trends.

When it comes to developing a mobile app for your business, you should not rely only on what you think you know. With technology changing constantly, it is ever more important to keep up with trends, and ensure you know what your customers want and what their expectations are.

If you are looking to develop your own mobile app, out professional team of mobile app developers can help, book a free consultation today!