Tips to Increase Mobile App Conversion Rates

Tips to Increase Mobile App Conversion Rates

Mobile apps have quickly become one of, if not the most effective and powerful marketing tool used by businesses to expand there reach and engagement with customers. But making sure your app is a success is a process, and there is a lot of competition.

At Calibre Digital we have created hundreds of apps for our clients, and have many businesses use them to great success, below we share some basic, and effective ways to boost your mobile app conversions.

Shorten the Signup Process

When a customer engages with your app, it can be a good source of data collection to have a sign up form. If you do choose to implement this process, keep in mind one of the most irritating things for a customer is fulling in lengthy sign up forms, so best practice is to keep them short and sweet.

Another strategy is to allow the customer access to the app without and initial sign up, allowing them to gradually build up the engagement. Then through different stages of engagement throughout the app you can introduce a sign up or information capture form instead of hitting them straight upfront with it. This can be effective as it allows your clients to get personable with the app beforehand.

Avoid Overly Intrusive Adds

Most of us have had the experience of browsing a website or using an app, only seconds later to be bombarded with constant and irrelevant adds. This is a major cause for app users to get frustrated and leave the app altogether, so it is good practice to avoid intrusive and irrelevant adds.

These kinds of ads target the wrong audience. Intrusive style ads focus on impressions and not on revenue. Most of the audiences install ad blockers so the rate of reaching your TG drops even further.

If you are to run adds on or through your app, consider there placements, as to limit the effect on the users experience, and keep the adds relevant to your business or industry, things that will correlate with your brand or service.

Do Not Abuse Push Notifications

For Most of clients the use of push notifications is one of the favorite features of the mobile apps, and for good reason, it allows you to engage with your customers on a scheduled or one of the basis for promotions, specials, events, discounts, etc. In app notifications will pop up when your prospects are using the app. And the push notifications will pop up on the device regardless of what the user is doing.

It is always a good practice to ask for the permission of the user before sending push notifications out, and avoid being to salesy or pushy, along with overusing the push notifications which is another common mistake many business owners make when implementing notification strategies, abusing these in combination can cause the user to disable notifications or worse, uninstall the app.

Ensure a Smooth User experience

Possibly the most important aspect of your app no matter your industry or business will be its usability and functionality. Whether is be booking appointments, ordering food, buying products, and so on, the experience should be seamless, and the steps and actions easy for the customers to take.

Below are just a few points to assist with a smooth experience.

· Keep information and clutter to a minimum.

· Ensure you apps buttons are not undersized.

· Allow multiple payment options (if applicable to the app)

· Add a search feature on the app.

· Offer guest checkouts, to limit shopping cart abandonments.

· Provide clear actions and steps to move your customer along the buying process.


You should always focus on testing and re-testing, aim to constantly improve on features and user experience within the app, maximizing efficiency is a long term goal but we hope the above steps help clarify some of the basic mistakes business owners make with there apps. For a free quote or any Mobile app development questions contact our team today!