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Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2021

With a long and chaotic year coming to a close, the digital space has become more engaged then ever before. While many key features and elements of web design will never go away, such as user-friendly navigation, data security, site speed etc.

Although the average life span of a website should be roughly 3 years, and design elements such as colour and typography – often get updated more frequently than that. That is why it is so important to keep up with web design trends.

Below we have listed what we think will be, 5 of the top trends coming into 2021:

AI Chatbots

Chatbots on websites is something we are beginning to see more and more. contact ability is rated one of the top areas of importance to consumers when dealing with a business, so improving it or adding additional features to aid in your customer support systems is a must.

This is where AI chatbots are coming into play, Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence displayed by machines. It is primarily used to replace human intelligence.

As the demand for AI-powered automation, communication, and analytics solutions will rise this year, more web developers will be focusing on building AI-based chatbots and virtual assistant apps. This will serve to assist site visitors with day-to-day questions and problems, to even more advanced purchasing processes.


If you are not already utilising video on and across your website, now is the time to do so. Video content is massively on the rise and is now even more accessible than ever before.

From homepages with moving backgrounds, to tutorial videos, company and team overviews, this is the type of storytelling that is bringing businesses into the future and steps ahead of their competitors. There is no denying that. And for that reason, it will just keep growing in popularity.

There are many third-party websites now that allow easy creation of videos for marketing and so forth. Most of these services offer large video libraries of HD video snippets, that can be easily edited and moulded into great looking professional content.

Here are a few sites offering this service:

Voice Search and Navigation

As unsettling as it may sound, nowadays Most of the devices around us, can hear us. This includes smartphones, watches, laptops, tablets. Along with a lot of automobile functions can now also be controlled via voice technology.

This all comes down to the fact that we don’t need to physically address the device so often to perform a task.

Habits are formed in such a way. Now most users on the subconscious level expect that all services will provide this opportunity, and if some individuals don’t, they surely soon will. Web developers must react to that.

Voice search and navigation through the web page ensures:

  • Cognitive ease of use.
  • High speed interaction and on-site actions.
  • A fantastic user experience.

More and more so people are preferring the spend less time typing commands. This is driving the use of voice search, so it is no surprise web development coming into 2021 will be closely related to the implementation of this functionality.

People prefer to spend less time typing commands. This is why we are increasingly use voice search. Therefore, web development will be closely related to the implementation of such functionality.

A great in-depth article on the voice search trend can be found here on


While Animation has seen an increase in the recent years, its popularity means it is here to stay. This is a great thing, coming into 2021 and beyond the possibilities and quality are only going to get better.

Animation is turning the user experience into a lot more then just scrolling for information on a webpage. From basic animated lines of text to fully fledged animated backgrounds and pages, these fantastic effects work to not only catch the eyes and showcase your business or organisation, but they instigate more engagement from the users themselves, and leave long lasting impressions.

Even if your motive is purely aesthetic, you should always keep in mind ways that animation will cause your users to take specific actions, bringing their attention to exactly where you want it to be. A great example is trigger animations, simply speaking is when a user’s action can alter the appearance of a specific element, changing details like the colour, shape or even speed. For example, you apply trigger animation to a call-to-action button, the chances of a user clicking on it go up when they’re intrigued by its unique behaviour.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps are a modern website design technology that is being used more and more by many businesses today.

A progressive web app offers the benefits of both a native app and a classic website. This works great even in offline mode while enabling much faster loading, responsiveness, and an app-like experience.

Large companies like Uber and Twitter are great examples of businesses relying on this technology to provide a great user experience. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the web technologies used to create a PWA.

These websites are well known for offering an offline experience, the way Google Maps do. The web developers store the static files of the site in the web browser cache. When the visitor browses the site, the site fetches those static files and serves well.

Wrapping up

2021 is set to be an exciting year not only in web development but the digital space in general, we hope you found the above information insightful.

No Matter the features and elements you choose to implement, the important thing is you constantly aim to revise and improve on your sites design and functionality.

If you looking to build a website or need assistance in managing you current one, our Professional Team of Web Developers is here to help.