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Top Pay Per Click Advertising Trends 2020

Pay Per Click advertising has quickly become one of the most popular forms of advertising over the last decade. With its ability to deliver impressive results, it is no wonder so many businesses have implemented it into their marketing strategies. Chances are if your not using PPC ads you could be losing out on a lot of valuable traffic and revenue. Here we will discuss our top PPC trends we are expecting for 2020.

Incorporation of PPC with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With Artificial intelligence being used in many digital marketing channels, it’s no surprise its found it’s way to PPC Ads. AI has the ability to predict the click-through rate (CTC) of your future ads. And its impact on the quality of the scores. It is also able to use historic data to foretell the likely hood of conversion. Moreover, these machine learning tools are giving digital marketers and business owners much clearer ways on identifying the bids that will drive the most quality traffic.

The Increased use of video ads

By 2022 is expected that 82% of all business and consumer traffic sources will come from video Ads, big brands are utilizing videos to connect with their audiences, tell their stories and show their personalities through the visual effects of video.

Here’s how a video will affect Pay Per Click Advertising in 2020:

  • Marketers will be linking products from there video ads.
  • The implementation of Google’s new vertical ads to adjust to viewers’ behaviors particularly when viewing from mobile devices.
  • Video advertising in Instagram stories is expected to continue to dominate.

Voice search Conversion

Increasing the use of voice searches across mobile devices by consumers is leading companies to create ads that adapt to this feature. This is done when people use the voice search feature. Search engines then can use algorithms to retrieve relevant results, as well as witch ads, will appear.

The majority of voice searched questions are more than five words long with keywords such as “what”, “where”, “when” and “how.

It is becoming more unlikely users will search for fragmented keywords when using a voice search. Therefore, PPC campaigns will have to target long-tail keyword phrases posed as questions or full sentences.

Amazon Paid Ads

When we think of paid ads often, we think Google Ads and Facebook Ads. And without a doubt, they have the largest audiences when it comes to advertising.

But Amazon Ads are quickly proving themselves to be an extremely viable alternative. Meanwhile, Google and Facebook have the audience size there not necessarily ready to purchase.

The majority of users on the amazon site are proven to be ready to purchase. Therefore, it could mean a much higher conversion rate and bang for your overall buck. And amazon ads display on and off the amazon site, which increases the diversity.

The above Pay Per Click advertising trends will most likely not start to gain complete traction until next year. However, being aware now gives you plenty of time to start learning and experimenting with them to gain an overall advantage over your competitors.

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