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Why Tradespeople Need A Website

Many tradespeople have always relied heavily on word of mouth business and referrals for picking up a new business. With more and more consumers now conducting online research before hiring or contracting tradespeople it is more important than ever to work on having an effective and positive online presence.  

Deciding whether you need a website can be a tricky one, especially if you are unaware of the changes in business and consumer behavior that are taking place constantly. 

It is a big misconception that trades such as builders, electricians, and plumbers do not need a website. This is far from the case as most people now go online to find one. 

Customer Research  

Search engines are now a customer’s best friend. Statistics show more than 80% of people now research a business or service before even contacting them. If somebody may have heard of your business but cannot find your website or online presence. You are putting yourself at a major disadvantage. As what they will find instead, is other competitors that have a digital presence right there in the search results to cater to their queries. 

Additionally, if somebody is not looking for your actual business and is just searching for something more general like “electricians near me”, you will appear in their search results. Without a website, they will not even know you exist. If you choose your keywords carefully and create content that is targeted to your market. You will rank higher in search results, placing you among the first sites they see.  

Portfolios, Reviews and Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Providing solutions and valuable information through your website is a core feature and function of having one. A key piece that any potential customer will want to see on a trade’s website is past work and reviews. 

Trusting a tradesperson to carry out thousands of dollars of work can be a big step for most people. Furthermore, having some social proof like photos and reviews goes an enormous way to building trust. 

Having an additional section for frequently asked questions is an additional way to provide some quick answers to common questions you may get. Also, if customers feel there is value in those answers, they are more likely to show reciprocation when it comes to choosing you to carry out the work they need to be done. 

Clearly Sell and Display Services 

Your website will serve as your digital shopfront, being able to utilise it to display and sell your services is a must. You can easily display your services, with information and maybe even pricing clearly displayed. Additionally, your customers and you can benefit from an online booking system for each service, allowing them to book in a time for a service straight from your website. 

When displaying your services, as mentioned in the previous point, it is a good idea to add photos of past work for each service or picture of you or your team. 

24/7 presence & Easy Contact ability 

Rather than close shop at 5pm and switch off the phone, a website allows consumers to get in touch with your business at any time of the day. If a customer wants to book a boiler service at 3am, they can. 

Having Contact Forms or even a live chat function on your website linked to a mobile app on your phone makes communication efforts easy for people that are browsing and have any questions or concerns. 


Having a website and digital presence is essential for trades. Any business for that matter, there are so many ways you can utilise your website to make doing business with your easy for your customers. 

If you are looking to build a website or maybe your own mobile app , our team can help. We have built 100s of websites and apps for our clients and are ready to answer any questions you may have. 

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