Why You Should Become Our Next Mobile App Reseller

Why You Should Become Our Next Mobile App Reseller

The mobile app industry is currently booming, its popularity and penetration are expanding more rapidly than the internet itself. This is resulting in huge demand for mobile apps, for businesses and individuals alike.   

This makes it a great time to get on the mobile app train and start selling mobile apps to your current customers or even direct market to fresh customers. The best part is, unlike other mobile app reseller programs that require you to build the app yourself through some backend app building system, we take care of all the work. Custom designing, building, and publishing the apps for your customers on your behalf. 

If your current customers or prospects can benefit from a mobile app, not only can you provide them with immense value, but make money at the same time. 

Below We list a few Key Reasons to Become a Mobile App Reseller Today: 

High Demand For Mobile Apps 

The majority of businesses want to invest in a mobile app. Studies have shown that at least 50% of businesses that don’t have their own app have considered getting one. Meaning they have recognized the trend and importance but may face certain objections or lack of knowledge. 

In the present time, mobile apps are reigning the business world in a way that the revenue earned is skyrocketing with each passing day. From the studies, it has been found that the total number of downloads in the year 2016 was 149.3 billion. And it is expected to go up to 352.9 billion by 2021. 

A mobile app for a business serves as the ultimate tool to meet their customers’ needs, and solve a range of problems. Our custom mobile apps have over 50 possible features they can utilize to ensure effectiveness. Making doing business with them much smoother and more efficient. 

Offer mobile apps at prices businesses can afford 

You will quickly find how profitable selling mobile apps can be no longer will businesses have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars to get their own app. You will be able to offer a small business price range that is far lower than the market is used to seeing. 

Small business owners are in need of the services an app reseller provides. Our team can then speak directly to your potential customer on your behalf. And once they are happy and ready to move forward you are paid upfront commissions. 

Doing it yourself takes Time and Money 

You could hire your own developer in the hopes of snagging some customers. However, developers are expensive and that is a big financial gamble to take. 

Learning to code on your own is tricky, too, because becoming good at Mobile App development takes time. And you are short on time with everything else you must do in a day. 

It’s Easy to Be a Mobile App Reseller 

Essentially, anyone can become a mobile app reseller. You do not need any development or coding experience, just a great attitude, and a good sales ability. 

We can provide you with all your essential marketing material if need be. Otherwise, you can simply refer your clients straight to us and let our team take care of the talking. 

If you already run a business, and have customers coming through that can benefit from a mobile app, your structure and foundation are already set up. You can offer even more value to customers that can benefit from the apps.


We are lucky to be living in an age where mobile app demand is high. Now is the time to get involved. Take your piece of the pie, earn that extra income, and provide value to business owners like you never could before. 

For a more in-depth explanation or if you are interested in becoming an official reseller, contact us today. And will arrange a time to speak with you.