Why Your Restaurant Needs Mobile Food Ordering

Why Your Restaurant Needs Mobile Food Ordering

Nowadays to truly run a high level, viable restaurant, cafe, or takeaway you no doubt need to be utilising mobile technology. Not only in terms of attracting new business and making life easier for your customers, but to reach the highest level of return business and monetisation, a mobile app is without doubt the essential tool.

Having built many food ordering mobile apps for businesses, we have seen first-hand the dramatic positive effects it has had on their businesses, below we list a few advantages of mobile food ordering:

Cut out the middleman

One of the biggest benefits of your own mobile and online food ordering systems is to cut out the middleman. Companies like UberEATS promises restaurant a so-called partnership that will get them:

• Online exposure

• New clients

• And ultimately more online orders

For both new and established restaurants, this is the ideal goal. However,

from the moment the restaurant signs up, it becomes nothing more than

a food supplier to UberEATS. They also take up to 35% per order for the privilege!

Utilising your own platform allows you to cut out the middleman and take back control of your online ordering business. What more, you pocket every cent in a dollar yourself.

Demand for Mobile Food Ordering is Real

90% OF TIME SPENT ON MOBILE IS ON APPS – That’s where the money is!

Statistics show that customers order more often from businesses that offer apps. Since 2014, roughly 30% of diners between the ages of 18-54 have ordered food from a restaurant’s website via their phone or tablet.

When they do order via mobile, they order more. Having a menu at their fingertips makes it easier for them to browse items and order more food. Additionally customers can customize orders, request

extras, and all of it is easier than having to place a phone call and talk over the noise of a loud restaurant.

Mobile App Food Ordering Boosts Revenue

Our clients have seen a 33% increase in repeat business since implementing a mobile app and food ordering into their business. This is not just due to the convenience of mobile food ordering, but the further implementation of loyalty programs, reservation bookings and other great features that we can incorporate into the mobile app.

Once a customer orders through you, you keep their information, unlike uber eats who gets all your customer data. This allows you to remarket to your customers and utilise your mobile apps push notifications to keep regular touchpoints and promote specials and offers.

Utilising these methods saw many of our takeaway and restaurant clients, have an increase from people ordering 1 or twice a month to 3 or 4 times a month.

Increases Order Accuracy and Reduces Cancelation

For any restaurants or takeaways that regularly take order over the phone, you surely would of experienced interjections and confusions with orders, whether due to a noisy background, or an unclear customer. This ends with angry customers, wasted food, and mentally drained staff and management.

With mobile food ordering the customer makes everything clear on their end. Everything is in writing, so there is no mix-up. Additionally, having the customer pay directly through the app when they order, majorly reduces and food cancellations.

You Keep Valuable Customer Data

In an industry where knowing your customers wants, needs and desires is an incredible advantage, in house mobile and online food ordering offers the ideal way to get that insight. Unlike the third party online food ordering companies, your in house food ordering will allow you to record and keep customer information and ordering patterns for every purchase.

Equipped with this data you will know who the regular online and app order customers are, what they order most, and when they order. That’s why you can utilise the data for your marketing and mobile app notification purposes to great success.


The above are only a scrape of the surface on what is achievable with your on Mobile app, if your not convinced take a look at this survey done late 2017 shows that most people use restaurant apps or websites to order food. Here is the breakdown:

Restaurant app or website – 52%

· Grub Hub – 34%

· UberEATS – 20%

· Eat24 – 17%

· Delivery.com – 16%

· Amazon Restaurants – 11%

· Door Dash – 11% If you are looking to get the ball rolling on your own mobile app, contact us for a free consultation and obligation free quote today.